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Sofas Sofas come in all shapes and styles, no matter, we can restore them to their original beauty or better. We start by removing the existing fabrics and padding materials and then replacing them with the new fabrics. We try to reproduce the original style as close as is possible unless a design change was agreed upon prior to beginning the project. Sometimes customer like to eliminate a skirt or add a skirt, for example, or add or eliminate cording, add or eliminate tufting. All of these details are discussed and agreed upon before beginning the project. Although upholstering is not inexpensive it is many times much less that replacing the same quality furniture at today's market prices. In other words if the purchaser paid "good money" originally, then it is worth doing. Many times people ask is the piece worth doing? I respond with another question, do you like the style of the piece, does it fit where you intend to keep it and do you like the piece? If the answer is yes and after I check the piece for sturdiness then the piece is worth doing. Once I had a customer ask is "this piece worth doing"? Of course a flag goes up in my mind because I'm thinking why is the customer asking me? Apparently he or she has not determined that it is worth doing. So I asked her do you still like the piece? She said " I hate the piece" " My husband wants it redone I can't stand it". Well, I said I could put gold lame' on it and you still would not like it. Tell your husband that it is too costly to have it re-upholstered and buy a new one that you really like.
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