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Solar Screen Shades
Solar Screen Shades Solar screen shades are a relatively new fabric choice for roller window shades. They range in opacity from 1% open to 14% open. We have the most success in the 5% open range. You are eliminating 95% of the light and view but you can still look out without lifting the shades. They remove the glare and high percentage of the ultra violet light which is responsible for fading objects within the room. We are using the shades commercially and residentially in "showrooms" and living rooms, offices and bedrooms. As with decorative roller shades the clutch roller system allows you to operated the shades without actually touching the shades. The ultimate is the motorized solar screen shades. A simple push of a button on your remote operates the shade. The only way to determine the best fabric from the weave to the opacity is to hold the sample up to the window. One note of caution because you may be eliminating 95% of the view from the inside you can still look out thru the shade and from out side it is very difficult to see into the room however at night because you may have the lights on inside and it is dark outside the opposite phenomenon takes place, the viewer from outside can look in and see 5% not giving you total privacy. You can really appreciate the problem if you were using 10% or 14% open shade fabrics.
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Solar Screen Shades
Solar Screen Shades   Solar Screen Shades   Solar Screen Shades  

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